Throughout our Web site, we provide links allowing you to view and download documents relevant to the topic you’re viewing. We want to provide you with the most thorough access to information possible. This page includes links to all documents provided through the site and even adds a few to make your research as easy as possible.

Local Government and Demographic Documents

Monroe County, PA Economic Overview, September 2017

2016 Monroe County Municipal Directory
Monroe County Wage Data, May 2012
Pocono Counties Workforce Investment Area Fast Facts, December 2014
Monroe County Profile
Monroe County Millage Rates for 2016
PA Fast Facts, May 2015 Edition

Infrastructure Reports

Affinity Group Report on the State of Telecom Services in Monroe County
Monroe County – A Viable Option to Strengthen the Resiliency of the U.S. Financial System
Moran, Stahl and Boyer Report on Resources for Financial Service and Insurance Operations

Workforce Reports and Information

Monroe County’s Workforce and Commuter Survey
Pocono Counties Workforce Fast Facts
Monroe County Industry Clusters

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